Hypocrisy Seems too Mild a Word

One of the things which infuriates me the most about the Tories is that they have the gall to boast of ‘delivering the COVID vaccine’ and ‘overcoming the pandemic’, when we all know that it is the NHS which we have to thank for that, an institution to which the Tories are fundamentally ideologically opposed. They would have privatised the National Health Service decades ago had they been able to, but now that we all owe our wellbeing to it, the Tories are claiming to have always supported it; or rather, they are trying to steal the credit owed to an institution which wouldn’t exist, had they had their way. Had it been up to the Tories, we would all now be trying to survive under an ultra-capitalist, American-style healthcare system where the best care is reserved for the wealthiest while the rest of us are left to be scammed by insurance companies.

It really is sickening. The word “hypocrisy” seems too mild for such brazen two faced word duplicity. My conviction that the Tory party should be removed from power and disbanded is now stronger than ever. None of these self-serving, credit-stealing scumbags should be anywhere near government. It was despite, not because of the Tories that we got through the pandemic; the vaccine roll out would have been a catastrophe were it not from the NHS, and had the Tories been left to it. To hear them now claim credit where they deserve only derision, contempt and ridicule boils my blood.

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