The Conservative Party ought to be Disbanded

Given yesterday’s news, it is now my genuine position that the British Conservative Party ought to be disbanded. I know that may sound a bit extreme or even mad, but here we have a group of people, governing the country, who obviously think that they are above the law and that political power is their birthright. The Tory party was founded about two hundred years ago in order to ensure that wealth, privilege and power is conserved in the hands of the rich few; it’s raisin d’etre has always been the maintenance of class inequality and the suppression of those who the tories see as lesser or inferior. Their very goal is to prevent the type of social equality most of us now strive for: Their advocacy of free market capitalism is merely a device to perpetuate social stratification and class division, in that it leaves the rich free to exploit the poor, the advantaged to exploit the disadvantaged. Conservatism is therefore a manifestly oppressive, repressive social force set upon the perpetuation of the dominance of the rich over the poor and few over the many.

Surely any modern, progressive society should strive to outgrow such outdated forces. Last night we heard news that the man calling himself our Prime Minister knowingly broke the law while in office; laws which he and his government set down in order to ensure people’s safety. Yet these people clearly think that they are above the law and that the rules don’t apply to them, simply because of who they are. Any head of government with any honour would have resigned, but due to attitudes which go to the heart of conservatism itself, Johnson arrogantly still thinks he is fit to remain in office. Thus the problem is not just Johnson, but the entire Tory ‘born to rule’ mindset: a mindset which has seen them wreck the welfare state and impose an exit from the EU which they know will hold the country back for decades, yet have continued with purely for the sake of their party.

Yet any group of people who thinks political power is their birthright simply because of who they are or the family they were born into, manifestly isn’t in any democratic society. Therefore given the damage they have done and are doing to the country, as well as their misplaced, anachronistic attitudes to ideas such as a social equality and welfare, I genuinely believe the Conservative Party ought to be disbanded. We surely need a better, more qualified group of people running the country than a bunch of elitist, spoiled snobs.

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