How to Change the Subject

Say that you’re the Prime Minister. Say that, a few days ago, you were found to have broken the law while in office, the only PM ever to do so, but you still don’t want to resign. What do you do? Why, suddenly announce a new policy on asylum seekers, in which people desperately trying to come to the UK will first be deported to Rwanda. That way, you’ll get everyone talking about something other than your lawbreaking: the right-wing morons who think you’re the best thing since sliced bread will naturally love it as it plays into their inherent xenophobia. The left-wing intellectuals who see through you will of course be revolted by it, describing it as “cruel”, “nasty” and “chilling”, but you don’t have to worry about them as they can then be dismissed as bleeding heart liberals by your support base. Thus this plan allows you to play into and ferment the widening cultural schism in society, throwing fresh red meat to your support base while horrifying your detractors. Above all, it hands you the reins of political discourse, moving the subject on from the fact you broke the law.

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