The Fight Is Far From Over

We may have eaten breakfast to the outstanding news of Johnson’s departure, or at least I did, but we shouldn’t forget that Johnson was only the head of the snake. The Tory party is still in power, and they were the ones who made Johnson prime minister in the first place. The Tory party put the country through a referendum it didn’t need to have, and then forced brexit upon us just to save its own skin. The Tory party is nothing but a group of self-serving, duplicitous charlatans, categorically unfit to govern this or any other country. I still firmly believe it ought to be broken up. As much as they try to weasel out of it, the Tories and their low tax, small state policies, not to mention Brexit, are the primary reason why the country is in such a mess right now. Thus while we can all celebrate the departure of probably the worst prime minister in history, we have to remember that we can’t truly relax until we have a proper government, composed of people who actually care about those less fortunate than themselves, in place.

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