A great, great year

Another year is drawing to it’s end, and it has been a great one. This was the year I completed and graduated my masters; the year I watched Monty Python perform live, something I had once discounted as impossible, yet happened just round the corner at the O2 arena. Even more special – and part of me still cannot believe this actually happened – was meeting Sir Patrick Stewart: words cannot describe how significant those few moments back in October were for me, after spending so long writing about the Ahab scene from First Contact. I feel truly lucky, truly privileged. This was also the year Lyn performed at the liberty festival, and that my nephew Oliver was born. This year has indeed been special.

Yet to my right, tacked to the wall, is a list of everything coming up in 2015. It is quite extensive, and packed with things I almost cannot wait for. An amazing year beckons. It is hard to see how 2014 could possibly be topped, but somehow, glancing at my still-growing list, I have a feeling it could be.

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