Lyn on swipe

Swipe, Sky News’ cheap, tacky replica of Click on the beeb, has a short article about Lyn and her new instrument this week. To be fair, it’s quite good, and raises a few issues. for example, there is an ongoing debate in the disabled community over whether it is better to use standard, off-the-shelf equipment such as the ipad, or to ask for purpose built machines better tailored to their needs, like the lightwriter or dinovox. To be honest I haven’t decided where I stand on this debate; there is surely room for both solutions. What is clear though is the specialist equipment is usually far more expensive than the general-use stuff despite the latter often but not always being just as useful, but as the sky report shows, it need not be. Things like the Lynstrument cost very little: It doesn’t have to be fancy, it just needs to get the job done. Anyway, swipe can be seen here

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