The trouble with simon

You might well ask why am I so worked up over Simon stevens. After all, if he annoys me that much, why not just ignore the jackass? Those are valid questions, and indeed he is largely ignored by the wider disability community. Yet the fact remains he has appointed himself a ‘disability consultant’, and thus presumes to speak for all of us, both on his blog and in the Huff. He also claims to be some big shot comedy actor after appearing in Channel four’s rather mediocre disability comedy show ‘I’m Spazticus’ last year. To my mind, to role he played might have bee better filled by someone with more significant cerebral palsy who could actually act, but I digress.

Here, then, we have a disabled man presuming a position of authority and then using it to spout all sorts of bullshit about his fellow disabled people and the disability community. I’m sorry, but that I cannot ignore: I will not let Stevens lie about the wonderful community to which I belong, or the tory-led persecution of disabled people which is becoming more and more apparent. I want everyone to see him for the irrelevant outsider he is, whose views hold absolutely no sway and have no foundation…

Indeed, if you read Steven’s’ articles, it is clear that something odd is going on. For example, at the end of this blog entry, after about five hundred words about how victims of ATOS cruelty do not exist, and how all the instances commonly cited have been misread, we find the following:

[quote=”simon stevens”]I call all this (atos ‘bashing”) a fad because it is very easy to attack this government. I strongly believe that the very minute we have a Labour government, the media will change their agenda instantly, focusing on why are these supposedly disabled people not working, as a new fashion, and I believe the current media spokespeople of disabled people, like Sue Marsh, will find themselves being yesterday’s news as the media seeks a fresh angle.[/quote]

Is it just me, or does that make no sense? It is pure nonsequeteur: why would the media make such a switch? Why would the coming of a labour government make he media change tack so abruptly? We attack atos and the government because they are literally killing us, something which stevens refuses to see in oder to set himself apart from those he calls ‘fake disabled people’. I can cite many instances in Stevens writing: I often get the impression that he is trying to write about things he does not understand yet thinks himself an authority on, like a child trying to use big words in order to sound like an adult, yet not having a clue what they mean. His words, when placed under even the slightest analysis, betray a man trying to punch far above his weight, who, despite calling himself a consultant and craving attention as the crip-icon he thinks he is, clearly does not understand the matters at hand. His writing should be seen in the light of that, and not given quite the weight one might accord to other pieces.

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