Folly however you look at it

I just caught the end of Salmond’s speech to the SNP conference. I’m no economic expert of course, but i seems to me that he is promising to build a land of milk and honey, telling scots what they want to hear, while knowing that he will not be able to deliver. I am concerned that he will woo the scottish people, riding the wave of dissatisfaction with the tories, leading to the fracturing of the country. I do not want that to happen: as I have written on here before, humanity needs to be uniting rather than dividing. For all his pretence of positivity, Salmond’s message is a negative one, a message of us and them, and a hatred of ‘other’. Indeed, salmond is no less short-sighted as that worm farage – they both talk the same fascist language. I do not want my country divided; humanity should be working closer together, not splitting up. Besides, could scotland really stand on its own in the current economic climate? hell even the united states almost went bankrupt this week, so perhaps this is not the best time for this debate. Frankly it is folly, however you look at it.

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