we are still suffering

I am currently watching prime ministers questions as usual, and much is being made of the so called economic recovery. Too see the Tories boasting so merrily, acting so pleased with themselves, is utterly galling. Yes, the figures might be slightly better than expected, but this is despite, not because of, what the government is doing. The economy was always going to improve; luckily it happened before many economists forecast, yet people are still dying and suffering due to the cuts. People’s care packages are being cut, more and more people are taking their lives; yet CaMoron stands up in parliament patting himself on the back for a recovery he did not cause.

It is almost too much for me to tolerate. How dare these unelected pieces of shit be so arrogant?how can anyone causing so much suffering be so cocky? And it is the Tories who are to blame for our suffering, not Labour. Their attempts to shift the blame, to rewrite history, fills me with rage even further. As I wrote a couple of days ago, it is the conservative ideology itself which is the problem as it encourages selfishness and greed. To the Tories, if they and their rich friends are doing well, we have recovered – the rest of us do not matter. They pretend they care, but they don’t.

Enough is enough. If they had any honour, CaMoron and co would be apologising and resigning, but instead they demand our gratitude and respect. After all, to them they were born to rule. Thus they come on shows like Daily Politics and tell us all how everything is getting better and fairer. Better to them means lower taxes, and their idea of fairness is ensuring the rich are still able to oppress the poor, and those who can dominate those who cannot. They seem to have no compassion, no humanity, as long as people as rich as them are doing well; if others are suffering, it is their own fault and of no concern to the ruling class. This attitude means that my blood boils whenever I see a Tory speak, pedalling their lies, insulting the very country they presume so arrogantly to rule. They must go: people are suffering due to their arrogant, selfish ideology. They belong in jail, not Westminster, and any moronic bastard who denies that and defends them is as guilty as they are. The line on the graphs may be pointing upward, for now at least, but people are still suffering; they take credit for the former, but the latter is their true legacy.

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