Letter to IDS

Dear Mr. Duncan-smith

Fuck, do you have some cheek. In a Speech I saw today you told the country that you are cutting welfare out of compassion, that too many people had become dependant on the welfare state an you were liberating them from a dependant life. To hear you speak you were sounding like some great hero setting people free, acting entirely altruistically. How fucking stupid do you think we are?! Only a complete moron would believe there is a shred of altruism in your actions; you are motivated entirely by the desire to lower taxes for rich bastards like yourself. The consequences of shrinking the welfare state is not a reduction in welfare dependency, but starvation. Ar we supposed to believe that everyone currently on welfare will magically be able to get a job, and the only thing stopping them from doing so now is laziness? No, p’tahk, it isn’t. That is a lie you Tory bastards pedal to justify your greed-motivated views. People need the welfare state for many reasons; I have many friends who use it, and not one of them does so by choice.

Moreover, if you suddenly block the only incomes of so many, the result will not be a sudden upsurge in employment but mass starvation and suffering. But you don’t give a fuck about that, do you, IDS? All you care about is people like yourself: rich people with good educations, from what you see as good families. To you, only your own values matter, and all others are lesser people. So cut the crap, you fucker, and stop patronising us. It’s blatantly obvious why you are doing what you are doing, and don’t insult are intelligence by claiming to set us free – you’re leaving people to starve, and, because they are not like you, you relish it. Yours

Thinking Britain

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