Ten years from now

My nephew oliver comes to visit this afternoon. Can you believe he’s ten already? The last decade has flown by. Mark and Kat are over here visiting London – they say they need to escape Paris as it gears up for the Olympics – and are leaving Olly with me and Lyn for an afternoon. Mark says he has to work on something called a dilithium matrix without being distracted. What we’ll do with my nephew I’m not sure; Mark seemed a bit worried about how we’ll cope, so I told him if he gets too much I’ll just give him a beer and put him to bed, at which Kat gave me a dirty look. Seriously, though, we’ll probably just take him to the park, or to Woolwich, which, incidentally, looks great after it’s 2022 facelift. Who’d have thought a bomb could have done so much good – besides obliterating most of the Tory party, that is. I wonder who planted it. Either way, we can’t be there too long as mum and dad are coming to pick Olly up at five, after which Lyn needs to get on with her soundtrack for Mr. Spielberg. They are still loving being grandparents – you can hardly get mum out of the kitchen, she bakes so many cakes an buns. Oliver scoffs them up as soon as they are cool enough to eat. As for dad, watching him teach his grandson ho to play cricket two summers ago was a joy to behold. Mind you, Oliver’s enthusiasm for the game is now surely helped now we’re thrashing the Aussies at last. Well, Mark will be dropping him off soon so I better go. While he has visited us before, this will be the first time Oliver spends any amount of time with just Lyn and myself. We have a PA with us, so it should be fine; I just hope nothing goes too amiss.

Posted February 23 2024.. Comments 5

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