Another great gus gig

It seems Lyn and I have a busy few weeks ahead of us – Lyn especially. Last night was the first event of what seems to be becoming quite a busy spring: we went to Gus’ usual gig in the thai restaurant around the corner. As always it was an awesome night, with many cool songs from Gus himself – he plays a mixture of contemporary and older rock tunes. He then invited lyn up to play some of her songs: I always love watching Lyn perform live (well, I would, wouldn’t I?) It captivates me watching her trigger loops on her Ipad, which, although pre-programmed, combine to form something unique to that occasions. Then, after Lyn, something completely different but no less magical: a man performed ancient folk melodies in a deep, velvety voice, transporting us all to another time and place. I got lost in his songs, and could have listened for hours. After him, two or three more from gus, and then it was time to come home, singing as we went.

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