March’s Gus gig

Not that I wan to repeat myself, but last saw another great gig from Gus. It was generally the same format as the last one, with Gus’ awesome mix of contemporary and classic rock, Lyn performing three of her pieces, and two or three more acts. This time, though, the man with the rich velvety voice I described last time sang ‘Over The hills and Far Away’. I have loved that song since watching Sharpe as a kid, and, knowing it had rather ancient roots, had mentioned it to him last time. He sang it excellently, and I was enthralled.

I love nights like last night. You know, things like the Olympics are well and good, and performing to about a billion people is quite an achievement, but Lyn prefers gigs like gus’ monthly do. I now completely agree with her: they are small, intimate occasions; the same people come every month, so they get to know each other. I think it is fabulous, and now cannot wait till next month’s Gus gig.

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