There’s something about Paris

Lyn and I got back from paris late yesterday evening, my love for the city greater than ever, yet slightly tempered. We had a wonderful trip, which included quite an epic walk along the Seine on sunday afternoon, and, of course, meeting my nephew Oliver on saturday. I have never seen a cuter, happier baby; mark and kat obviously adore him. I am really looking forward to watching him grow up – judging from his parents, he’ll be very bright indeed. He was as good as gold on saturday night, when we all met in the hotel restaurant for a huge family meal. Looking around the table on saturday, I could not have felt happier. It was then, too, that Mum and Dad presented me with a bound hardback copy of my Master’s thesis, sleek and black – it made me feel very proud of myself.

Although it was a family occasion, Lyn and I had most of the weekend to ourselves, allowing us to explore the city. We had our PAs, Dominik and Paul with us; they were excellent this weekend, pushing us endlessly through the beautiful, winding streets. As with my last Parisienne adventure I’m not going to even try to give a full step by step account, as something essential would be lost in the rendition. I must note, though, that the people there struck me as slightly ruder this time: I’m not sure what it was, but they seemed very arrogant and abrasive, walking into your path as you were walking down the pavement, giving you dirty looks, pushing past you. Also, Paris didn’t strike me as very wheelchair friendly this time: now that I’ve lived in London for a while, I have something to compare it wit. London is far from perfect, but at last the public transport is over halfway accessible, and you can always find a drop-curb when you need to wheel off a pavement.

That aside, I still love the city: there is something about paris which is so evocative and romantic. I was thrilled to be there with Lyn, eating out with her, listening t live music with her. It has been a wonderful weekend, and it was over too quickly. Three days is not enough time to explore such a great city. It is not that hard to get to, though, so I definitely would like to go back soon, especially now I have my little nephew to visit there.

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