HBD dad and lyn 2014

I forgot to wish my dad a happy birthday yesterday. I did intend o, but forgot, and now I feel bad about it. Truth be told, I realise I may not be the cooperative of sons. We argue sometimes. Yet whenever we do, it always feels like something is wrong with the world, as if something is amiss that needs urgently to be put right. My father is one of the kindest, most decent men I know, and I love him as much now as I always have.

Today is Lyn’s birthday. It has been a busy sort of day so far, so we have not had time to do much celebrating. Yet the evening is still young, and it won’t take long for Lyn to get one of her awesome mixes going. Time, then, to relax, put my fears and worries aside, Skype dad, and go chill out with the birthday girl.

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