Absolute fear and dread

It seems to me that any sensible, thinking, educated person should be very worried indeed this morning. Granted, the Tories may have got the thwacking they deserve

– although no thwacking would be hard enough, in my opinion, given the pain they are inflicting on some of the most disadvantaged people in society – but it appears UKIP have made very real and substantial gains. This should send a shudder down our collective back: while you could comfort yourself by dismissing it as a protest vote, the fact remains that this pseudofascist group now has a real presence in this country. I mean what I say when I use that term: look at any ukip policy, from education to immigration, and it reveals a draconian, intolerant, outdated mindset; look at anything a ukip member says, and you will find racist, sexist views. Their protests that they are not against immigration, but just want the ability to chose ‘the right kinds of immigrant’ reeks of self-deception. Surely anyone can see through that placatory sham to the xenophobia beneath. And while their stance towards disability seems vague, and indeed keeps changing, their anti-inclusion, antiindependence attitude would reduce us crips third class citizens; one of their members apparently recently called for the automatic abortion of foetuses with Downs Syndrome.

The question, of course, is why: why are people voting for this party? Why are people listening to it’s outdated, draconian pronouncements? I look at their views, their arrogance, their intolerance, and wonder how anyone could still think like them. Some commentators put it down to a protest vote; others point to the appeal of Farage, presenting himself as a no-nonsense, everyday guy. I look at Farage and see a con-man, thirsty for power hateful of difference, greedy and arrogant. Ho can people fall for him? how can people blind themselves to the hatred at the core of ukip? How can they not realise ukip is the cause of, not the solution to, the growing xenophobia in the uk? How can people listen to his lies and fool themselves into thinking ukip stands for them, and is not the intolerant sham it is? I do not know, but the fact that they do, and have, fills me with absolute fear and dread.

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