thinking about becoming a republican.

I suppose I have fairly contradictory feelings about the monarchy. I know how I should feel as a liberal leftie: it is an outdated, expensive and undemocratic institution. Yet part of me, I must admit, has a soft spot for good old Liz; as I wrote here, her entrance at the 2012 olympic opening ceremony increased my respect or her. This institution is part of this country’s identity, and in general I see no real harm in it. However, that is provided it keeps to it’s place and does not interfere with how the country is really run. That is why I got a bit angry when I saw this story this morning: for charles to try to influence government policy on something as important as education simply by virtue of his birthright is utterly wrong. He thinks he should have power because he is a member of a certain family. Moreover, he wants a return to an education system which reinforces class devisions. I’m sorry, but someone should put charles in his place. He can keep his pretences and fictions as long as he does not overstep the mark and assume powers he should not have in a democracy; many more stories like this and I’ll think about becoming a republican.

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