Signs of division, or innocent support at a tennis match?

I just have a small observation to record tonight: I was watching the Murray match earlier, when something slightly troubling happened. The camera focussed at one stage on two girls in the crowd, both with Scottish flags painted on their faces, and, possibly for the first time, I wondered whether that had been an overtly political act. Of course, people from all countries have always painted their cheeks like that on on such occasions; those women had every right to do so. And yet, with the referendum coming up, part of me felt it was a political statement, or a show of animosity to us English. I have no idea what their intention was – the girls probably just wanted to support Murray – nor where my feeling came from. In fact I don’t know what my feeling was: concern mixed with, I fear, a kind of resentment. I don’t fully understand where it came from. The fact that I felt such a pang of concern worries me. Could we already be starting to divide? Above all, it already feels like a wedge is being driven between the peoples of this island, giving rise to my suspicions, and that is what I resent the most.

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