Shatner to play Kirk again

I am having one of my squealy days today. Squealy days happen when I discover something I am particularly thrilled about, causing me, from time to time, to suddenly yelp spastically with glee. They are often after hearing rumours. I had one when I first heard that James bond would be somehow used in the Olympic opening ceremony; another when I got wind of Monty Python’s stage reunification. Both times, I was not sure whether the reports were any more than baseless rumours, so I knew I had to be cautious. Yet it was the prospect, the possibility, that thrilled me. And of course, they both turnedout to be true, and they both ended up being wonderful.

I’m having another day like that. Earlier, I came across another rumour, and for a trekkie like myself it is a pretty big one. Word has it that William Shatner is in talks to reprise his role as Kirk after twenty years. That is, for me, a thrilling prospect; I love the original Trek films, up to the ninth, and feel like something has been missing in my life since they stopped making them. After they ‘rebooted’ the franchise in 2007, it has not been the same. Moreover, given that most fans hated kirk’s rather unfitting death in generations, and we also hate the new timeline mess caused by the reboot, this could be an opportunity to resolve both in one. They could have shatner’s kirk restore the original timeline by sacrificing himself in a huge blaze of glory, giving him a more grandiose, more fitting end. that would seem the logical thing to do. I just hope they handle it properly.

I know I have to be cautious. It might fall through; the rumour might dissolve into thin air; it might turn out to be another poorly-written mess. After all, they have to come up with a believable way of bringing him back from the dead. Yet I currently have a personal maxim: if 007 can jump out of a helicopter with the queen, then surely anything can happen. Nothing can be ruled out; all things are possible. While I realise Happy and Glorious did not please everyone, it nevertheless redefined the limits of what is thinkable – it had the queen jumping out of a helicopter with 007, for zark’s sake! I once came across Bond ‘fans’ criticising it seemingly for the sake of being critical, but at the end of the day it was the ultimate confirmation of the epic status of 007 in our society: it was sleek, cool, and very, very Bondish. In my opinion it was a wonderful tribute to the Bond franchise and a wonderful success; and if one can succeed so can the other. Thus, for Shatner to sit in the captain’s chair as Kirk again is therefore certainly possible, and to see it happen, if done reasonably well, would please me and so many others, for it would feel like a return to something of our childhood, something lost for a long time, something good.

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