monty python reuniting on stage

I just turned on my computer and found this report. Of course, news of a Monty Python reunion has me in my usual spastic squeals of glee, but I’m also now old enough to know I shouldn’t get my hopes up too high. That is, many questions remain: how will such a reunion work? will they jus be reperforming old material or writing new stuff? If they stick with the old stuff from the seventies they will be criticised for not trying anything new, but if they write new material for the show people will ask where the classic stuff went. Is it not better to let the glories of the past remain in the past, as memories unpolluted by the smell of a money making scheme? Then again, I felt a similar twinge of caution when they announced that James bond was going to do something with the queen for the Olympics, and look how awesome that turned out to be. This, then, is a story I’ll be keeping a close eye on: I’ll certainly try to watch their press conference Thursday. I really hope I won’t be disappointed. All being well, it won’t be too long before I’ll be pestering Lyn to go see it.

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