Although when monty python’s on-stage revival was first announced I felt a hint of caution was necessary, the time has come to lose myself in unmitigated glee. Despite the fact that tickets were apparently selling like spam sandwiches, today I thought I might as well go see if there were any left. There probably weren’t, but the walk up to the dome is a pleasant one.

I was, however, wrong, and I’m sitting here with a receipt for four tickets to see Monty Python Live (mostly) on the 20th of july 2014. Rarely have I felt this ecstatic, so giddy with glee, so pleased. The fact that the pythons are reuniting is remarkable in itself,, but the fact that I am going to see these men who made me laugh so uncontrollably as a child in the flesh is beyond incredible.

Words escape me – I don’t think it has even sunk in yet.

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