I DON’T have tickets for Greenday

I’m currently rather miffed. I have a new Ipad and needed to get the sim card working, so yesterday L and I went up to the o2 shop at the dome to get it sorted. There they swapped the card and told me it would be working within an hour, so I went off and got on with other things. While up there, I thought I’d ask about the forthcoming greenday gig I’d heard mention of, and was told they would go on sale today. While I don’t rate them as high as, say, The Cat Empire, I think Greenday are pretty awesome, having come across them through my brother in my early teens.

This morning my sim still wasn’t working, so I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone and go back up to the o2. Once there, I headed straight for the ticket booths: the internet had told me that tickets would go on sale at nine, and it was already gone eleven. However, there I was told the booths opened at midday, so I thought I’d just get my Ipad fixed while I waited.

The Ipad took ages though. There was lots of mucking about with sims and settings, but eventually it was sorted. By then, however, it was gone half twelve, so I rushed straight back to the ticket area, waiting patiently in the queue, only to then be told that they had already sold out. I looked at the lady in blank astonishment for two or three seconds, then turned and made for home.

What else could I have done? Perhaps I should have ordered the tickets online, like everyone else; but I prefer going up there, to make sure I get what I need. I was hoping for a repeat of my luck when I managed to get tickets to see monty python, although that was a bit of a fluke given they put on extra shows after the first one sold out. Nonetheless, I now feel rather hard done by. Who knew there were so many Greenday fans in the UK – or at least kids who think they are being ‘punk’ or whatever by professing to like greenday. Either way, I think the underlying problem is that there aren’t enough wheelchair spaces at venues like the o2.

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