TNG Crew Are Returning

My excitement about the upcoming seasons of Picard just grows and grows. In January I was blown away when I read that the great Whoopi Goldberg would be returning as Guinan, but I think that has now been eclipsed. I just came across some news which may well compete with that of Picard’s return in the first place, the reunion of Monty Python in 2014 or the announcement that James Bond would hook up with the queen in 2012, in terms of epic awesomeness. The entire cast of Star Trek the Next Generation is going to reunite for Season Three of Picard. As a TNG fan, I am over the moon. Those guys haven’t been on screen together since Star Trek Nemesis in 2002, so to see them back, together as a group, reprising roles I once loved so much, will be incredible. According to the article, producers want to give the TNG cast the send off they never really got – let’s face it, Nemesis was a bit of a flop – so I can’t wait to see them all back in character one final time.

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