Time to start the search for the next bit of awesomeness.

A week ago after we came home from watching Michael Palin, I wrote that I felt just a little down because that was the last big event we have lined up. It has been an awesome year – indeed an awesome couple of years – in which I seem to have constantly had something great to look forward to. In fact, between python, star trek, the liberty festival and so on I’ve been utterly spoiled: so many great memories. But now, there does not seem that much on the horizon.

However, I’m not complaining. I seem to be becoming busier and busier, with this week being especially busy as the Apex choir are coming to the Rix centre. In fact I might not have time to blog much this week. Moreover, it seems to me that, in this city, you never know when the next bit of awesomeness will come: in London truly incredible things seem to pop out at you from nowhere, or at least are only a google search away; fantastic things the memory of which you will cherish forever. As Lyn once reminded me, however great things may have been, there will always be greater things to follow; having wonderful memories is cool, but you must use them to inspire you, push you forward, whet your appetite. Time, then, to start the search for the next bit of awesomeness.

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