Apex visit to UEL

It’s only four but I’m already knackered. It has, though, been an incredible couple of days: I had to go over to the UEL campus right and early yesterday morning to greet the choir coming in, after which they had a few hours setting up and practice. During that time, it was my job to help film the choir for a documentary the rix centre is making. It felt as though I was doing what I had wanted to do for such a long time: they attached a small camera to the arm of my chair, and I was able to zoom about between the participants, getting all kinds of shots. I felt like I was making a music video, and think I managed to get some really good footage.

After that session I was able to come home and freshen up. The day was, however, far from over: the evening saw me return to the docklands campus, this time with Lyn, for the choir’s grand evening performance. It was, I must say, amazing; I was bowled over by the quality of the singing and the creativity of the music. Each piece was unique, having been created by a member of the choir and thus saying something about them as individuals with learning disabilities. I was stunned.

This morning I headed in again hoping to participate in more filming. However, a broken lift at the DLR station I usually get off at (king George v) put pay to that idea. Fortunately yesterday evening Dominik showed me a better – but longer – way to get to campus, so I took that route instead. Had I not known about it, I would have been scuppered. Nevertheless, I arrived this morning towards the end of festivities, feeling somewhat annoyed, too late to help with anything.

Yet these two days have amazed me. We have the makings, I think, of a fascinating film; and in the Apex choir we have an incredible group of individuals. With the editing to start, this project is far from over; I feel thrilled to be part of it.

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