Greek questions

As a blogger, political commentator and leftie, part of me knows I shoul write something about the Greek election. Of course I can quite understand why the Greek people voted as they did; truth be told I would probably have voted the same way. The Greeks were desparate, feeling humiliated – of course they elected someone who promised to solve their problems. Yet part of me can’t help thinking they have simply elected a con man claiming to have a magic wand. If Greece were to unilaterally refuse to pay its debts, chaos would ensue: for one it would set a dangerous precedent other endebted nations would be tempted to follow; for another, how would we make up the cash we are owed, having effectively been robbed by Greece. It would probably make matters worse for the rest of us, so, oddly, I find myself siding with those demanding the Greeks continue to pay, even though I know it means they continue to suffer,

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