did DPAC go too far today?

Today, as we all know, marks seventy years since the liberation of the extermination camp at Aushvits. DPAC had a protest up at westminster o coincide with it, their aim being to draw parallels between what the NAZIs did and what our current government is doing, with it’s rather fascist-sounding ‘back to work scheme’ and so on. I was going to go, but left it too late to leave. Truth be told, though, I was in two minds as much as I hate this tory government, it left a bad taste in my mouth. I can’t help thinking the protesters were using probably the most barbaric event in history for their own ends; almost usurping the suffering of others. Moreover, as vile as they are, the tories don’t deserve to be compared to the Nazis. While people are suffering and indeed dying under the tories, what is happening does not constitute the methodical extermination of an entire people. It was a bad move on our part, and probably made ‘us’ look childish, as much as I sympathise with the sentiment behind it.

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