Happy birthday Yaiya!

I saw my family yesterday – nearly all of it, on my mum’s side. It was my grandmother’s birthday, so Dom and I went up to north London for a family get together. Mum, Dad, my brothers and their wives were there, as were my aunts, uncles, and all but one of my cousins. It was a great afternoon, sat in the garden of our old family house. Yaiya seemed to really enjoy it, as did her great-grandchildren: Marianna, Christina’s daughter, is teething, and my nephew oliver is becoming quite a little explorer. It was great to watch him toddle around the very garden I remember toddling around thirty years ago. We spent most of the time chatting, eating, and catching up; and all too soon it was time to start heading back. There was cake, photos were taken, and suddenly we were saying goodbye. It was great to see everyone, especially the children, and I hope the next family gathering is not too far away. Looking over my shoulder as we headed back towards the tube station, my family disappearing into the distance, felt a bit sad, but oh well, it had been a great afternoon.

Happy birthday Yiaya!

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