the steve jobs film

I thinkI’ve mentioned on here before that Lyn is quite a big apple fan. This morning, before L got up, I came across a trailer for a new biopic of steve Jobs. Assuming she would be interested, I told er abut it when she rose; but rather than keen Lyn seemed totally uninterested. “”So?” she said ”It’s just a film.” Her reaction took me aback: to me, nothing is ever ”just a film”. Cinema is the archetypal art-form of our age; it cannot be ignored. I went into one on my arty-farty huffs and retreated to my sofa. A few minutes later, I realised lyn was right: after all, to a large extent this film is merely an attempt to make money from the late Jobs. It might have a few interesting things to say about him, but ultimately it has nothing to do with him or his computers, which is ultimately what interests Lyn. And besides, whether it’s directed by Danny Boyle or not, looking at the trailer, this film looks shit.

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