EODM want to be the first to play at the Bataclan

Lyn and I are going to a Simple Minds gig tonight, which we’re both really looking forward to. It’s at the O2, and no doubt it’ll pass without incident. However, I cant help thinking about events of a couple of weeks ago, and what happened at similar gigs in Paris. People there were, like we will be, just out having a good time. I just read that the Eagles of Death Metal, the band playing at the Bataclan that night, now wants to be the first band to play there when it reopens. To me, that’s awesome kind of like saying ”sorry for the interruption guys, where were we?” Although I had never heard of them before his atrocity, and know nothing of their music, I now really want to be at that gig*. Who wouldn’t? What better way is there of showing two fingers (or one, as they’re American) to murderous scum who inflict so much pain?

*Mind you, I don’t know that much about Simple Minds either; but Lyn wants to go, and that’s reason enough to go for me.

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