Simple Minds

Simple minds were great last night. I must admit, I didn’t know much of their music, but that didn’t matter – I still had a whale of a time. Lyn knew more than I did, and, sat next to me, it was obvious that she was thoroughly enjoying herself. It’s always great to go up to the dome; we’re so lucky to have such an awesome place virtually on our doorstep. Plus, given I keep dragging Lyn out to see stuff I want to see, it’s only fair I go to see the stuff that she likes. Not that I didn’t have a good time – by the end of the show I was really getting into it. To see them play eighties classics like Don’t you Forget About Me was very cool indeed. I must admit they weren’t a band tat was high on my ‘to see’ list, but I’m glad I went. I suppose that’s one advantage of being engaged to a musician. We got home about half eleven, both having had a great time, and looking forward to our next gig.

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