Anotherplea for humanity goes unheard by the Tories

I’m furious after just reading the closing line of this Welfare Weekly piece. The article is about an open letter from charities such as Mencap to the DWP, asking Iain Duncan-smith to urgently rethink his cuts to Employment Support Allowance. It details how, instead of helping people back into work, such cuts leave them more vulnerable and isolated. ”Jan Tregelles, who chairs the DBC and is also the Chief Executive of Mencap, said the poll ‘should make the government listen, especially when this cut seriously undermines their plans to halve the employment gap experienced by disabled people’. She said: ‘Not only are disabled people telling us loud and clear that this cut to ESA will make their lives harder, with both their health and chances of returning to work being harmed, but we also see how the general public are deeply concerned by these cuts to disability benefits’.” But instead of listening to such concerns as any human with a shred of compassion would, the tory scumbags dismissed this letter as scaremongering. I can barely believe their inhumanity or their arrogance. As long as they can hoard their money and cut tax, they don’t care who suffers or how many people top themselves after being driven to despair because of the cuts. On top of that they have the affront to claim to be making things better. The tories sicken me.

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