Charlton vs Blackburn Rovers

I suppose you could say nothing unusual happened yesterday. After all, what is unusual about two mates going to a football match? It’s something lots of guys do of a Saturday afternoon. Yesterday, then, me and James went to see Charlton play Blackburn Rovers. We had arranged it over facebook, and I’d razzed down the hill a couple of weeks ago to buy the tickets. Yesterday, James met me here at two, pushed me down to the Valley, and we had a beer before watching a somewhat unremarkable game which ended in a one all draw. I was back here by five, rather cold and looking forward to dinner. Nothing special really – similar stories could be told about people all over the country yesterday. Going to watch a football match with a friend is quite a normal thing to do. Why, then, do I think it’s so cool, and feel so grateful to James for taking the timeout to do it with me?

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