Adele Drake’s birthday bash

Yesterday was an incredible day. When, on Wednesday, Lyn told me that we were going to see Adele on Sunday, I assumed she meant we were going to a concert. I didn’t know Lyn was into her, I thought, but maybe she’ll perform the theme from Skyfall. Fortunately, Lyn had something far more awesome in mind. Yesterday was adele Drake’s birthday, and we had been invited to a get-together at the Royal Festival Hall on the south bank to celebrate.

Adele Drake is a remarkable woman – one of those people who stand out, and whose life stories makes one’s jaw drop in admiration and amazement. She once headed Drake Music, which enables musicians with disabilities to perform. Lyn was involved in it, long before I met her, which is why we were inited yesterday. It was great to see L, chatting away to old friends. I tried to keep to one side, as the day wasn’t about me, but socialite that I am I ended up getting into things. I spoke to adele quite a lot, even showing her my thesis on my Ipad.

By the time it came to go home, I was left wanting more; there were some truly brilliant people there yesterday. As usual, drake music has had to cut back a lot, but I got the impression yesterday that a few plans had been set afoot. It felt like the beginning of something, or at least a restart. The warm afterglow of the Paralympics having long since fizzled out, people with disabilities are becoming increasingly marginalised, making projects like Drake Music and indeed the Paraorchestra all the more important. Thus I hope something comes out of yesterday and can’t wait to see what it is.

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