Plants in the out campaign?

I was watching a podcast last night by a guy with ties to David icke. Lyn likes him, so I thought I’d give him a try. Truth be told, apart from a few spurious attacks on the BBC and some bollocks about vaccinations, I found myself agreeing with eighty to ninety percent of what the guy was saying. However, one patently ridiculous comment, made towards the end of the show, stuck in my mind: he was talking about the referendum, and the people now leading the Out campaign. He pointed out that they were all vile, despicable creatures, people you wouldn’t ordinarily touch with a barge pole. People like Iain Duncan-Smith, a man who, the guy said, wouldn’t have been out of place in nazi Germany. But the guy, an outer himself, then made one of the strangest most far-fetched insinuations I had ever heard: rather than making him reassess his own position as one might expect (”if so many of these neocon shits want us to vote out, perhaps I’m wrong”) he tried to make out that these horrible people had been planted on the out campaign, and it was all a big conspiracy to make sure we stay in the EU. The odd thing is, I don’t think he was joking.

Such an idea is, of course, absurd enough to simply be dismissed out of hand. Yet it points to something deeper: a deep mistrust, felt by many people in this country, of those in power. They seem to think that, whatever we do and however we vote, existing power structures would be preserved. The guy was highly political, highly knowledgable, but this absurd insinuation revealed a deep, heartfelt cynicism and disenfranchisement. No wonder he wanted to leave the EU – he saw it as just another layer of power for a ruling elite who will do anything to cling on to their dominant position. And, you know what? My desire to keep europe united aside, I think there he may have a point.

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