The tories invent a new downturn to justify yet more cuts

Staying with politics but in a different aspect, I think I’ll just direct you here today, to an article alleging (or rather, pointing out) that George Osbourne seems to have all of a sudden magicked up an new economic downturn in order to justify more cuts. Not long ago, the tories were assuring us that the misery would be over soon, but now they’re on about cutting the welfare state even further: ”Suddenly the promise has gone from ‘happy days in a couple of years’ time’ to ‘more cuts, more austerity, more pain’. And it’ll be the poor who have to pay for it, of course.” How much more evidence do you want that these oh-so-necessary cuts are entirely ideologically motivated? The world economy is at last on the mend, but that doesn’t suit the tory narrative. People are starving, but they still want to cut tax for their rich friends, so the tories conjure up an excuse lest we all realise the criminality of what they are doing. It’s sickening; we’re being treated like fools.

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