Sam Smith cannot sing

Am I allowed to say that I don’t think Sam Smith can sing at all, without being accused of homophobia. How he won the best music oscar last night is beyond me: his ”Writings on the wall’ is by far the worst bond theme for decades, if not ever. I find it whiney and nauseating, and not at all in keeping with the Bond ouvre. Frankly, Smith shouldn’t have got passed X-Factor, or whichever crappy talent show he won. The dude cannot sing, but whines into a microphone. Compared to the great bond themes – Tina Turner’s Goldeneye, Carly Simon’s Nobody Does it Better, Paul McCartney’s Live And let Die etc – Smith’s song is abysmal. This has nothing to do with his personality or sexuality, but his (lack of) talent as a singer. I’m glad a bond film at last won an oscar, just baffled that it was due to Smith’s nauseating theme.

Update: I just read that Adele won an oscar for her theme for Skyfall last year so this wasn’t the first, but you get my point.

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