I must look where I’m (not) going

I’ve just about mastered the principal of looking where I’m going when out and about in my chair, harsh experience having taught me the folly of not doing so. It would, however, seem that looking where I’m not going – ie when I’m reversing – is a skill I have yet to master. I was just out on my daily stroll, by the hospital tho other side of the park. Thinking absently about this and that, I came to a crossroads. I was briefly tempted to head straight across when the man turned red: I stopped, and, realising my front wheels were on the road, reversed.

That was when everything suddenly turned upside down and my chair tilted upwards. I had reversed into a ditch (as shown here). I was dazed but fine. Looking back, I was damn lucky my wheelchair didn’t fall on me. I didn’t have time to think though, as moments later several people came rushing to help, including motorists at the lights. As usual I got the ”is he okay?” routine. It was not until I was back in my chair, Ipad on my lap, that I could explain that I was fine – the plants in the ditch had cushioned my fall – by which time the police had been called and there was talk of taking me to the nearby hospital. Quite a hubbub ensued; I was a mixture of embarrassed and amused, but eventually they let me on my way. Looking back, I feel humble that so many people stopped to help, and relieved it didn’t turn out far, far worse.

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