The tories cheated

I still wonder, from time to time, how the tories won the 2015 general election. According to this Canary article, they cheated: ”In the weeks before the 2015 general election, the Conservatives’ ‘RoadTrip 2015’ campaign buses criss-crossed the country, helping Conservative candidates in marginal seats to win their election campaigns. Those buses have since been credited with winning the general election for the Conservatives …Now an investigation by The Mirror suggests that the 24 Conservative candidates who were helped to victory by the buses failed to declare the cost of the buses, along with associated food and hotel expenses, in their election campaign spending.” There are strict rules governing how much parties can spend on things like battle busses. Such rules are intended to ensure a level playing field, but CaMoron and co. obviously don’t think they apply to them. If you view yourself as born to rule, you can simply disregard the rules us plebs have to abide by. They just went about the country, lying and fooling people into voting for them. As a result, we now have a group of people, utterly unfit to govern, inflicting their innately unfair, selfish policies on us.

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