Was the EU for or against TTIP?

I am now rather puzzled about TTIP. As I wrote here a few days ago, I thought that the reason why so many sensible, thinking people voted to leave the EU was because it was heading for TTIP, a barbaric trade agreement which would give private companies precedence over state organisations like the NHS. On those grounds

I’d agree we needed to leave. Yet according to this turd of an article in the Torygraph (don’t worry, I haven’t started reading that rag – I just found a link on facebook) the EU is anti-TTIP, anti free-trade. It sings the virtues of TTIP and relishes the fact that the door is now open to it. That would imply that my original position was correct: the EU was protecting us from this abhorrent deal, which was one of the reasons we needed to stay in. Now we’ve left, the capitalist greed-mongers will be free to take over our public services and turn society into the unequal, unfair dystopia people who read the torygraph dream of.

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