not the type of country I want to live in

I just watched last night’s program about brexit. I didn’t watch it last night because I knew it would make me angry, and perhaps it was a mistake for me to watch it this morning. I need to apologise to lyn for just making s much noise. I am still quite furious about what happened two months ago. I’d been trying to calm myself down over it, telling myself the EU was not perfect, and that perhaps this could lead to something better. But the voting public fell for the lies of the outists, and despite their fatuous pretences that the UK is still an open and outlooking nation, we have cut ourselves off from the world. To see p’tahks like Boris johnson claim to love europe and that we are still an outlooking nation really, really pisses me off.

The EU wasn’t perfect, but I believed in it. It wasn’t just a capitalist ploy about trade, nor an insidious plan to eventually bring about a monochromatic world state. I believed it was about working together; cherishing difference but cooperating for the good of all. To leave it was a step backwards; the reerection of borders devisions between humanity – which we had began to outgrow. As I wrote here, if it was about to embrace TTIP, as I have heard some otherwise left-leaning outists claim, why were neoliberals so eager to leave? The european union was about forging a set of common rules we could all live by; in leaving it, we have informed the world we no longer want to participate in the international community. And to cap it all, now we have wastes of oxygen like Farage beaming at us, eager to completely screw people who can’t defend themselves without hinderance from EU legislation.

The EU was something noble; it was about humanity seeing past the concept of state to cooperate. Regardless of the crap Boris et al spew, we have stepped back from that; stepped back from the world. That is not the type of country I want to live in, and the fact xenophobes like farage achieved it through lying to the nation makes me very angry indeed.

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