Corbyn remains Labour leader

Well, thank zark for that. I just learned from the bbc website that Jeremy Corbyn has won the Labour leadership election. I never really warmed to owen Smith; somehow he seemed like an imposter or intruder. I suppose I’m a firm Corbynite, and see him as the only genuine politician around. Maybe leftists like me will finally get a bit of a break now – we finally have a slither of good news. To be honest british politics is currently quite gruelling, to the extent that I try to avoid it altogether. Between the referrendum and tory pieces of shit trying to turn the clock back to the nineteenth century, it’s becoming too depressing to bear. Yet I know that to try to bury my head in the sand is folly: I cannot ignore it, as fucked up as it is and as angry as it makes me. At least we still have Corbyn, a genuine, honest guy who really cares about the underprivileged, fighting our corner.

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