Why Some Russians Dislike Daniel Craig’s James Bond

I came across this yesterday, and it struck my interest. Russian people apparently dislike the Daniel Craig incarnation of James Bond, saying it is ”too serious”; they prefer a more jovial, comic 007. That to me is rather telling: Russia at the moment seems to be trying to reinstate itself as a world power. It still seems to think of itself as a superstate, on a par, culturally and politically, with the US. They see the Bond franchise as threatening: the world’s greatest spy is not Russian, but British. It does not fit their narrative – bond is not one of them. To have him go back to being more of a comic figure, as he perhaps was in the Moore era, would be more in keeping with their worldview: they are the powerful, serious ones; other states are just pissing about. Thus you can read quite a bit into a statement like that: they want Bond defused, portrayed again as a joke. They want to be the ones to have the world’s greatest spy on their side, and they want everyone to laugh at other countries.

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