Using backspace to go back in chrome

I’m suddenly quite cheerful. A few weeks ago, I noticed I could no longer press backspace to go to the previous webpage in google chrome. It was only a small change, but I had been using that little shortcut since Steve B showed it to me way back at Macc College, fifteen years ago. Like using arrow keys to scroll firefox, it was useful; it meant I didn’t have to bugger about with the mouse to go back. Their claim was that they had received complaints from people inadvertently going to previous web pages when writing text, but that whiffed of bullshit to me. I’d just reconciled myself to the fact of yet one more pointless change made by a huge company which makes my life just a tad harder, but, moaning to Lyn about it just now, she told me to look it up. I tapped it into google, and sure enough they had received so many complaints about it that they were forced to make a remedy. It is available here. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one fond of such little tricks.

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