Live music at the local thai restaraunt

Last night was rather cool. Every month or so, the Thai Restaurant around the corner runs a sort of music night. We hadn’t been in ages, but the other day Lyn and I were out and about and spotted it advertised, so we decided to go check it out. I was only expecting a little affair, but last night we got there to find the small place packed with people. The music was already in full swing.

We settled down at the front to listen. After a while, though, someone recognised Lyn, remembering her from last time, and asked her to play some tracks.

Unfortunately they didn’t have the right jack for her Ipad, so they made do with a microphone. Lyn put two of her songs on, playing along to them with thumbjam.

It was a great evening; it feels like ages since I had one like it. It felt very social; as if everyone knew everyone else. At one point, I helped out a singer by calling up the lyrics to ‘Summertime’ on my ipad. There was a friendly, warm atmosphere in the room, and I’m now really looking forward to the next one.

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