A great afternoon film making

Had I not just had so much coffee, I’d probably be feeling rather tired by now. It has been an awesome afternoon. We continued our group Londoners film, and I got to do some filming, a camera mounted on my wheelchair. I think I got some really cool shots, but, perhaps more importantly, I felt part of a team. We have a really good Londoners film in the making, and what makes me even more proud is that it all came about after I suggested the venue of the cafe in the park. This afternoon, I had one of those – surprisingly frequent – moments when I stood proverbially back and thought ”Wow, how did my life get this awesome?”

This all came about after L suggested I go get help to stop drinking so much, as I’m afraid to say it was getting a bit out of hand. I went to Lifeline in Woolwich, who put me on Chocolate films’ 1000 Londoners project. Incredibly, it was precisely what I wanted and needed: a chance to make films and the help to do so. It is staggering how such things happen sometimes. Everything just falls in place, as if by magic. Not only have I now stopped drinking completely, but I’m involved in the making of not one but two films – the very artform and industry which, after finishing my masters, I wanted so badly to get into. Both films are well on their way to completion, and I can’t wait to put links to them on here.

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