White privilege and the innate biasses of the world around us.

I’d just like to flag this article up. It’s by a black lady in america explaining to a white friend about ”white privilege”. She elaborates on how small, little racist incidents frequently occur but often go unrecorded and unnoticed. Barely conscious things many white people don’t realise happen, such as people not really believing that she went to Princeton – the actual Princeton – because she is black. She states that people are more prone to incredulity than when a white person answers in the same way. It’s a good point well made: white people don’t realise how extensive and deeply rooted white privilege is. To that I would add that it’s a similar story in the disability sphere. Able bodied people don’t seem to notice how privileged they are; a step is just a step to them, but to us it could be a massive hurdle. The world is geared towards able bodied people just as, as the writer of the article explains, it’s geared towards people with white skin (and for that matter males, straight people, gender conforming people etc etc). We should speak more about such biasses, and be more open about how the world is ‘built’ to accommodate certain types of people to the disadvantage of others. That is not to cast blame on certain people, but simply to expose and thus start to remedy the innate biasses of the world around us.

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