Respecting the result

I just caught up with last night’s debate – at least the headlines – and think I now need to make something clear. Quite a bit is now being made about Trump saying that, if it doesn’t ho his way, he might not accept the poll result. Of course, this is very childish indeed; but then, I often say the same thing. I have great difficulty accepting the referendum result. The other day I put on twitter that the current popular slogan, Respect the Result, was ”a fascist demand masquerading as a democratic request.” I still have deep, deep issues with that result; yet as narrow as it was, and as much as part of me wants to refuse to do so, respect it I must. I know the poll wasn’t rigged. If it was going to be rigged, wouldn’t it have gone the other way? If the EU was the all-powerful, totalitarian juggernaut the conspiracy theorists make it out to be, surely they could have made sure the result went their way. And think what a fuss people like David Icke would now be making had we voted to stay in.

Thus, as guilty of it as I am, refusing to respect a result just because it doesn’t go your way is juvenile. While there is a case to be made that people were actively and knowingly mislead by the Leave campaign (where is the money you promised us for the NHS, Boris?), democracy is nevertheless democracy. For trump to say what he said last night, as if he thinks some huge conspiracy might prevent him from becoming president, surely shows the true calibre of this vile little man.

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