The troll that gave the game away

Is it my imagination or are the buffoons of ukip trying tto wind people up? Online, their supporters seem to be trying to rub our noses in it, posting videos with titles like ”Jacob Reese-Mogg schools idiotic Ken Clarke on brexit”, or starting a campaign to get farage knighted. It’s as if they’re deliberately trying to stir people up, or at least gain attention. It’s typical troll behaviour; very, very juvenile. Mind you, they could be thinking the same thing, especially given how frequently outists are now depicted as stupid in the media.

Two or three days ago I came across a guardian article about how one particularly buffoonish tory right-winger wanted to make it an act of treason to propose reentering the EU. Of course, reading that saw my fly into quite a rage. How could these people be so arrogant, so fascist? It was as if they are now trying to control how we think now. Yet once I calmed down and thought it through, what this person was saying was quite telling. Firstly, he was obviously after attention; he said it to get in the paper and provoke a reaction. But, if you think about it, it actually gives the game away. It shows that they know full well that, pretty soon, people will start regretting June’s decision; once the shit hits the fan, everyone will want to go back in to the EU. It’s already beginning to happen. The fact that they’re already trying to prevent that demonstrates they know it is inevitable. (of course, saying it amounts to treason just shows how arrogant they are – to disagree with them is a crime against the country, apparently). It shows us just how insecure they are: people must not be allowed to even think about reversing this decision, upon pain of death; for the moment we do so, their ill-won victory evaporates like the sham it is.

Thus what this neo-kipper has done lets the cat out of the bag. He was seeking attention, but it shows us they know how bad things will soon get, and that people will shortly come to regret ever listening to their xenophobic lies.

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