A Tribute to Badass Moms

I think I should flag this video up by Zach Anner. Called ‘A Tribute to Badass Moms’ (sic), anner draws our attention to the role of the mother in current US sitcom Speechless. He makes the point that, as shown in the program, the parents of disabled children often have to be fighters. They are usually told by social workers and teachers that their children won’t be able to learn like other kids; their expectations are deliberately kept low. Parents have to push hard against that if they want their children to have the education they deserve. My parents had to; this is an experience they share. The special school I went to could tell I was fairly bright, yet made no effort to push me. It was only due to the stubbornness of my parents that I got proper GCSEs, then did my A-Levels, then went to uni. Had it not been for them, zark knows where I’d now be. Thus I echo what Anner is saying here; it’s good to see this show playing tribute to parents like ours.

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